Monday, May 9, 2011

So THIS is Apparently How We Do Mother’s Day Up in Here

I have never been commanded to write a blog post. I have been encouraged, I have been inspired, and I have been asked to write blog posts. While a water gun is not actually being held to my head, I have been threatened with having my camera taken away if this post did not appear. Quickly.

First of all, let me say publicly and officially, that I have the most wonderful husband in the world. And, as an attorney, he has a very developed poker face. Which he uses against me. Especially on gift-giving occasions. What I could not have known, as I wrapped my prime lens for myself and blogged about it, is that he HAD actually gotten me a Mother’s Day present. Despite my insistence that the lens was my entire gift and that I was very happy with it, he decided that I needed something more substantial than my little backpack to carry my camera and various lenses, flashes, filters, cables, batteries, etc.

When he read my blog post on Friday, he probably thought to himself, “Laugh it up, Chica. I’ll show you.”

On Mother’s Day, Scott and I got up and attended our church’s early service while the kids slept in with their visiting grandparents. When we got home, it was time for Scott’s mother and me to open our Mother’s Day cards and gifts. I watched JoJo open her gift, being in no hurry myself as I knew that I had an empty lens box and a photography book that I had picked out waiting for me in their bright pink paper.

I opened the cards from the kids and was surprised by the Mother’s Day gifts that they had made at school. Davis presented me with a lovely painted picture frame, which showcased flowers painted with his fingerprints. It now has the place of honor on my computer desk. Katie had written a paragraph on “I love my mom because…” which made me choke back tears.

Thinking that I had already been surprised by the kids, I opened Scott’s card. It was funny and sweet and a piece of paper dropped out of it. Huh? As I unfolded it, I realized that it was a picture of a Kelly Moore bag: the lady photographer’s ultimate accessory. It’s a cute purse, but it’s also a very serious camera bag. While diaper bags have made great leaps and bounds in the fashion department over the years, camera bags have not. If you are a woman and you want something nice in which to carry your camera equipment, tough. There are only a handful of companies who have caught on to this problem, and Kelly Moore is my favorite. But back to Scott, the most fabulous man on the planet.

He had gotten me a Kelly Moore bag. It arrived on my doorstep today. My camera and equipment are now snuggled safely in my purse, along with all the other stuff I haul around daily. For me, it was a perfect surprise. Thank you, Scott!!

So for future reference, I hereby make the following disclaimer: Any future “The Taylored Life” blogs which represent the author’s spouse as anything but a sensitive, wonderful, thoughtful and very athletic and charming gentleman are unintended and are deeply regretted by said author. Any supposed slights to the above-referenced spouse are a work of fiction and do not bear any resemblance to any spouse, living or dead. The author’s husband has never, and does never intend to slight, forget, or minimize the importance of Mother’s Day.

And he reminds me that Father’s Day is coming up. No pressure, right?


  1. SEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I told you! Don't count those chickens and I knew something you didn't know. I think that is a first in all time history! GO SCOTT! You rock!

  2. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nifty!!!! Miss. Vaiden:)