Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the Road Again!

This is what happens when you leave Davis and Vaiden alone.

Scott was off at the Bar Convention in Chattanooga last week.  While "Bar" in this sense is a legal term, I understand that he and his attorney buddies did manage to find a watering hole (or eight!)  All torts and no booze makes Scotty a dull lawyer... 

Katie was in Dyersburg studying cake decorating, sports, and science at the Dyersburg State College for Kids.

Jack was off at the pet spa having a bath and his nails done.

Davis and I, being sadly neglected, decided to take our own vacation and head down south to check out my sister's awesome new house in Tupelo.  And yes, I am again the only immediate family member to migrate successfully out of the Great State of Mississippi.  Call me our token Yankee (all the way up in Tennessee...)

We had a wonderful time with Ginger and Whit and had too much fun to take a lot of pictures.  When I did break out my camera, I forgot to change the white balance to "bright sun", so all the pictures of the boys on the slip-and-slide turned out "Smurfs".  Yea for the B&W option on my editing software!

Also, Blogger and I are having a difference of opinion about the order of the photos I want to post.  I have tried repeatedly to put them in chronological order, but Blogger is having NONE of that.  So here are several of the pictures from our trip, in **reverse** chronological order, just to keep all you sharp readers on your toes (hi, Mom!)

Enjoy the pictures, and if you are ever in lovely, historic Savannah, Tennessee, you really need to eat at Uptown.  Outside on the deck, weather permitting.  The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was delightful.  And it's a great place to take some pictures.
The windmill built by Mr. Frank McGinley, Scott's grandfather.

Davis enjoying the art at Uptown

Bird's Nest (You didn't really need this caption, did you?)

Taking a ride at Wolfchase Mall in Memphis.  Of course Davis picks the freaky looking dragon.

You go first.  No, YOU!

My navigation system and I had a little misunderstanding on the way to Tupelo that resulted in a one-hour detour.  We were glad to make it to Mississippi!  Davis welcomes you, too.
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  1. Y'all have to forgive the new header that has the title across Scott's face. I am working to fix it! Or I could tell you he got a tattoo.

  2. HaHa so cute!!! Go Dawgs!!!!!!! We will be heading down to MS end of July early August..

    Hope to see y'all when we come down to Knox- Vegas:)

  3. Love that new blog header pic. The photographer really sucks though and should take a course or two in not photographing words across the subjects face. I would ask for my money back for sure! Can't believe y'all went to the mall at wolfchase! Ahhh Memphis. Did you say hi for me? Love all the pics especially the one of davis in front of the MS. sign.