Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Graduation Day!

I would like to announce that Jack has completed his course of study at the PetSmart Pet Training Program and has received his Beginner Education certificate.  Please don’t feel bad that you didn’t receive an invitation, or that you haven’t had time to send an appropriate graduation gift.  It was a very small, private affair, since I have been overscheduled the past two weeks and Jack has missed a couple of classes.  We were graciously allowed to make up our missed work and Jack was given his final exam today.  Get ready to be impressed, for he passed:



Watch me (uninterrupted eye contact for twenty seconds)

Lie Down – He passed, but only with many treats as an incentive.

Come when called – this portion of the test was done through the PetSmart store and with other people and dogs around, so even I was impressed with him.

Loose-leash Walking

I was so proud of him that he got a bath and grooming upon graduation.  This was as much a present for me as it was for him because he had spent the morning digging a very impressive mud-hole in the yard.  Jack, like all young boy-types, doesn’t miss an opportunity to get himself really nasty.  Please note his mud-covered nose in his graduation photo!

Being the indulgent parent that I am, I am allowing him to take the summer off to “find himself” before he registers for the Intermediate Training Course in the fall.  I keep reminding him that his education is vitally important, but you know kids these days…


  1. Congratulations Jack! You have arrived! Barkley is impressed that you will be off to Higher Education in the fall where you can learn the art of preparing pineapple cuisine for the canine culinary delight. I'm glad you were indulged in a nice bath instead of Jack Snacks for your graduation present (although I am sure the Jack Snacks would have been more to your pleasure). Enjoy your summer off and have fun diggin'

  2. GO JACK!!!!!!!! that loose leash walking will really help out one day!! Way to go Mr. Jack!!! Enjoy the summer off:)

  3. WhooHoo!!! Way to go Jack!!! A dirty nose is a sign of an industrious pooch.