Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking Off the Training Wheels

If you have seen me around town lately, you've noticed that I have had my camera with me more than usual.  All the time, in fact.  In the midst of this crazy, busy spring, I have been working to improve my photography skills.  I have re-read manuals.  I have googled my questions.  I received a new lens as an early Mothers' Day present.  I have played with every button and setting on my beloved Nikon.  And I have driven Amy Avery simply bonkers (although she is too polite to put it in quite those terms) with camera- and photography- related questions.

So as people who truly love you often do, Amy is throwing me into the deep end -- with no floatees.  She sneaked in and took the training wheels off the bike.  She packed my parachute and shoved me out of the get where I am going here.  She is making me take the next step in my learning by sharing my photos with more than just family and friends. 

Amy has a lovely friend and fellow blogger/photographer, Patricia, whose site is an inspiration.  She also provides very useful photography tips for newbies like me.  I am offering up this photo, taken in my newly utilized manual mode, for her Photo a la Mode.  She recently did a post about capturing the sun on film, and my photo is a newbie attempt at doing just that.

For you Knoxville folks, this picture was taken in the Veterans' Cemetery off Northshore Drive.

For you photography types, it was taken 1/250s, f/22, ISO 2800.


  1. EXCELLENT!!!! Vaiden I can not tell you how very proud I am of you! You are already an awesome photographer and I know you are really going to stretch those wings and fly really high. I will enjoy watching the fruits of your labor and I will always be here if you have a question. You ROCK!

  2. This is beautiful! Gorgeous sun flare. I really like how the sun's rays are reaching out and touching the headstones.

  3. absolutely beautiful!! you did GREAT!! thanks so much for sharing... and i hope you will join us friday for our luncheon?? market square 11-1... amy will have details!!
    thanks again for joining us!