Monday, September 5, 2011

Playdate with Lee

Some people don't have enough sense to get their kids out of the rain.

The kids had a playdate with our new friend Lee, who is slowly making his
way north through Tennessee. 

They jumped.

They splashed.

Then they broke out the big guns.

Katie seemed to have the upper hand for a while...

But it was Davis FOR THE WIN.  (Check out his expression!)

Thanks, Lee, for a wonderful playdate and some really fun memories.  When they were done playing, the kids finished the day with a bath in Mom's jet tub and some hot chocolate.
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  1. Love it! The girls had a playdatevwith Lee this morning. You would think we all hadn't seen rain in years! Love Davis' face!

  2. So funny!!! Y'all need to send your best pal Lee this way so it will push our friend Katia out of the way.. We don't need any playdate's:):)