Thursday, April 29, 2010

All the Better to Move You With, My Dear

I enjoy a challenge. I like to rise to the occasion. I love the feeling if accomplishing something that seemed difficult at first glance. Today is apparently my LUCKY DAY.

It’s moving day! The elusive, hard-to-pin down, eagerly-awaited day when my life begins to return to normal (or the Taylor version of normal). We have the official green light to return to our house. We are no longer exiled. The floors are done, the cabinets, island, and stairs are unwrapped, and the house looks like a house again instead of the scene in E.T. where everything is wrapped in plastic. Tomorrow begins the next wave of painters, cleaners, baseboard-installers, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It’s all OK, though, since I will be in my own home, in my own bed, back to my own life.

Goodbye, Homewood Suites! Goodbye, waffle bar! Goodbye, free Neutrogena! Goodbye, coin-operated laundry! Goodbye, Scary Hairy Sunbathing Man Who is Very Proud of Himself! Hello, ankle brace? ANKLE BRACE?

Oh, yes. I decided to make today a little more painful and challenging. Just in case moving all of our stuff back to the house before check-out was not challenging enough, I will increase the difficulty level. Are you ready to rumble? Today is Davis’s day off from daycare. (Davis, you remember Davis?) And now I have a sprained ankle (a legitimate sports injury, I am so proud), so I will be performing all of these tasks ONE-LEGGED and HOPPING ON MY GOOD FOOT. Yes, folks, tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. See me carry suitcases and bags on one foot! See me play defense one-legged while I keep Davis from sprinting onto Parkside Drive! Watch me drive back and forth down Pellissippi with my left foot! This is some good comedy. Lucky for me, it’s just part of my life. Gotta go, the check-out clock is ticking…

P.S. All of this has been very hard on Buzz.

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  1. Oh my lord Mrs. Vaiden de-stressing your life is not working out I guess!!!!!!!!!
    I am soooo comming over monday! Can not wait 2 see the new floors:)